Monday, 1 September 2008

Welcome to Nomad Corporation

Welcome to Nomad Corporation and this is the first ever post on this exciting new blog. This website will bring an insight into the life of a 22 year old male from Sussex By The Sea (though he lives 20 miles away from the sea),a Mr Charles Ball as he goes through life. You may have read about some of his life experiences in Strike Factory, and his jokes years back in The Bun. But this new exciting business venture is a continuation of the legacy of the predcessors and aims to go further then ever before.

This website will give an insight into my life the ups and downs, and his aims to have a suscessful career, along with some laughs along the way. There is the possibility of other people having their own articles on this website as well so keep an eye out for some columnists.

Anyway welcome watch that step, there is a old rubbish bag full of early 90's Eurodance CDs.


shell said...

go charlie!!! i am eagerly awaiting xxx

Trilby said...

I look forward to seeing your live evolve.An Adrian mole for the 21st century.

Charlie Ball Breaker said...